Zugzwang - I heard this term today used in a way that my brain had never considered. A chess term, zugzwang is a situation in which the obligation to make a move in one's turn is a serious, often decisive, disadvantage. As I listened to the speaker use the term, my mind began to wonder.

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And so, it begins…

Change.  Who would have thought that is one word would define what we would all be experiencing in 2020?  As someone who thrives on change and is extremely comfortable working in spaces that are constantly evolving and in flux, 2020 has pushed my personal limits as well as forced my business and clients to move

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A Watershed Moment in History

We are all unique.  We are all individuals.  We are each special.  We have our own personalities, our own traits, and our own style.  Yet, we are each part of a generation.  We are all in a place in the cycle of life. We reflect traits of those are age.  We reflect traits of those

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